Sami Ghandour


Saltwater Jigging and Popping

From an early age Sami fell in love with the sea and was lucky to spend most of his teenage time diving and chasing fish. This passion grew and he found himself traveling the globe in search of the biggest and hardest fish to catch.

Sami was fortunate to fish places that only a few had ever set foot. While he cherishes and highly values this opportunity, he always tends to make an extra step to push limits to test tackle and take it to the extreme.

“Joining the BKK team as a pro staff – he says – gave me a direct leverage to be in touch with the company on a daily basis in order to bring the best to our clients.”

He is mainly active on the coast of New Jersey where he manages one of the most specialised retail points for saltwater fishing – Saltywater Tackle – and organizes awesome fishing trips to some of the world’s best and most untouched areas.



Mick Hassett


Freshwater and Saltwater Lure Fishing

Mick Hassett is based in Mackay on the Queensland coast around halfway between Cairns and Brisbane. He has spent almost 30 years fishing in the area and enjoys all types of fishing. The challenge of fooling big fish to eat an artificial offering regardless of species is what keeps him coming back.

His love for fishing began at the age of 2 years old when he started fishing with his father. They spent every day exploring, fishing and staying out of the house, which is the perfect recipe for addiction. The most fascinating thing about the Mackay region is that regardless of weather conditions you can always have fishing options. Close to home there is a huge range of estuary systems with endless target species including Australia’s iconic Barramundi, and when the season is closed, three world class stocked impoundments full of trophy sized fish are just a quick drive away. As is the Pacific Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef a little further out.

His absolute favorite would have to be targeting meter plus class saltwater barramundi, he invested a lot of time into working these fish out and the challenge these fish present is absolutely rewarding. Nothing is easy: from tides, weather, moon phases and seasonal changes, these fish can leave you scratching your head even when you think you got it all right. The best part – he says – is when it all comes together and you’re connected to one of these fish; they have the ability to break 100lb leaders, destroy terminals and make a mockery of any substandard tackle – it’s always intense from that first jump until the fish is in the net!

Fishing to him is about having fun, escaping life’s challenges and switching off from the stresses of the everyday world. Put in Mick’s words: “It is my passion, my escape and my life.”



Jacopo Gallelli



Jacopo Gallelli is the first European angler that made it into the Bassmaster Classic over the past fifty years.

At four years old he caught his first fish – a small sunfish – fishing with his father and told him fishing would be his life endeavor. The initial laughers soon faded as the kid couldn’t stop landing a surprising variety of different fish species with different fishing approaches.

He tried several fishing techniques even including fly fishing until the age of 14, when he dedicated himself entirely to bass fishing. After some time of honing its skills, he started competing in local contests, soon becoming one of the most well-known and promising anglers in Italy. His rising career as a professional angler coupled with increasing collaborations with several specialized fishing retailers, fishing magazines and the popular Italian Fishing tv.

His bass fishing career had a real boost when he made it into the Italian national team competing in South Africa and represented Italy over the Bass Nation Championship in the USA. In 2018 he achieved an unprecedented result by qualifying for the world’s most prestigious fishing championship: the Bassmaster Classic.

That life-changing moment marks the real turn of his path: he moved to the USA and has been competing ever since, fishing almost every day and collaborating with some of the best brands of fishing gears. He roams the long routes of America towing his bass boat, training and competing, living his childhood dream and challenging himself every day because he knows the best part has yet to come.

He is actively involved with BKK in the testing and development of bass fishing hooks, providing valuable insights to improve our range dedicated to bass angling.





Freshwater lure and bait fishing

Urpoerämies Productions is a fishing group from Southern Finland counting five members: Teo, Jani, Niko, Pauli and Olavi. Most of them have grown up together and have been fishing together all along.

They are all well-versed in many types of fishing you can find in Scandinavia, pike fishing above all. They also do pole fishing for big roach and related species, jigging for zander and perch, and when the first warm summer days come, they start going after carp. Summer calls for Lapland expeditions as well, where they target mainly grayling and trout.

They film and produce fishing videos where they portray their own perspective on fishing, from the bitterness of failure to the sheer joy of a big catch. They just keep it real. Their content includes some valuable tips and tricks in terms of fishing techniques, stressing also the importance of sustainable fishing and environmental concern. If you want to get a real gist of what fishing in the North means, follow these guys as they embark on few days out in the wilderness of Lapland.



Erik Axner


Scandinavian fresh and saltwater fishing, tropical big game

Erik found his passion for fishing in the early days as a young boy and has always had a dream of working with this passion, a dream that came true when he started working for Nordic Sea Angling, a Swedish travel agency with fishing camps in Norway.

He has been working there as a guide since 2012 and has spent more days on the water of North Norway, then most people have time for during a life time, in the pursuit of big cods, giant halibuts and multiple other species that most people just dream about.

A few years ago, he also found out the excitement in tropical saltwater fishing, especially topwater and jigging for GT and tunas of different kinds.

He has now moved on, from just being a guide in Norway to stretch his paths and is now also working as a tour leader for Tropical Sea Angling, who arrange salt water trips to multiple destinations all over the world, such as Madagaskar, Rodrigues Island, Andaman Island and much more.

Erik is personally always targeting the biggest fish that he can find in the area and is really keen to details in order to succeed. He always makes sure that he and his clients tackle is on top and believes that high quality products are a very important aspect whether you catch that dream fish or not and is therefore proud of being a part of the BKK team