Bojan Cestar


Freshwater lure fishing and saltwater jigging and popping.

Bojan comes from a small but beautiful European country – Slovenia – that boasts some incredible lakes and water streams abundant with local fish species.

He grew fond of nature in his childhood, when he would spend all his free time fishing with his father, especially on rivers in Ljubljana. Still now he adores freshwater fishing. His favorite technique is spinning to catch huchens, but his passion in freshwater is fly fishing trout, marble trout and grayling. If you cannot find him on the rivers of Slovenia, he might be fishing on the boat somewhere in the middle of the Adriatic Sea or travelling abroad.

Bojan is also a very successful saltwater fishermen. He likes fishing in challenging conditions where he needs to show all his knowledge and mastery of different techniques. He does drifting, trolling and popping, but his favorite is the most physically demanding heavy jigging.

He is the current captain of the National Big game fishing team and also the captain of one of the most popular fishing teams in the region: Barracuda – Slovenian Big Game Fishing team. In the last few years, both teams successfully completed number of International Championships in Slovenia and Croatia and visited several world championships.

If somebody asks Bojan what fishing means to him he would say it is his passion, his sport, his relaxation and simply his way of living.

You can follow Bojan’s fishing adventures, exploits, tips, advice, photography and story-telling on his social media channels below.