Ivan Dragojlovic


Fresh and saltwater predators – fly fishing

Ivan was just a kid when he realised that he could not live away from the water and his great passion for fishing. At the age of 25 he became a professional fishing guide and EFFA fly casting instructor. He specialized in several fishing techniques both in fresh and saltwater, with a particular focus on fly fishing.

He organises guided fishing expeditions in many parts of the world especially for fly fishing enthusiasts, leading them to achieve the catch of a lifetime. Among his favourites there are some truly amazing species like GT and tropical big game, Amazonian peacock bass and the majestic Taimen in Mongolia.

If you happen to swing by Belgrade though and wanna go chase the mysterious Hucho we are sure he would love to take you roaming through the fascinating woods and rivers of the Balcans, flicking some lures for the local big hit.

He is involved with BKK in the development of fly fishing hooks.